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Biomagnetic Pair or Bioenergetic therapy.

This simple and cost effective therapy was discovered by Dr. Goiz in 1988. It relies on the subtle energies that are within us, and surround us. Magnets stimulate the body's own healing system by bringing the charged ions to a more balanced state. Sometimes we suffer with extremely acid or alkaline conditions because of air pollutants, poor diet or lack of exercise or emotional stress. Different parts of the body have their respective pH range which keeps individual organs healthy. Most organs are within a pH of 6.8 - 7.2. However, these levels can go up or down, leaving them vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms. At this point, the body reacts by manifesting symptoms and signs of disease. This technique involves scanning the body for pH imbalances. When located (always in pairs, for every negative charge, there must be a positive charge elsewhere), placing medium strength magnets on the two points for up to 20 minutes.

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IMPORTANT! Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, or using insulin pumps should not be exposed to magnets. Pregnant women should not use magnets near the abdominal area .

Additional Suggestions for Using Your Magnets for Biomagnetic Therapy:

For any type of sleep disorder, headaches, or for deep relaxation and regeneration while sleeping, place the magnets between your mattress and box spring, or under your futon, with the Negative Polarity (black Side) facing upward toward your body. Position the magnets so they are either under your head or under your head and chest. You may also place one of the magnets under your pillow while you sleep, using the Negative Polarity facing upward toward your head. The Negative Polarity oxygenates and alkalizes the body and blood, increases melatonin production, and offer a number of other benefits that induce sound sleep, relaxation, healing, and regeneration.
For any type of pain, soreness, stiff muscles, or bodily injury, place one of the magnets directly onto your body where the pain/injury is located. Use the Negative Polarity (Black Side) toward your body. Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D., has shown that when there is an injury or trauma to the body, the site of pain/injury becomes positive in polarity. The body and brain must then generate negative polarity healing energy to send to the site of injury. Thus, using the Negative Polarity (Black Side) of your magnet is a highly efficient and powerful way to supplement the natural negative polarity healing energy the body requires.
For all types of headaches, including migraines, you may hold two of the magnets on either side of your head near the temples, with the Negative Polarity (black Side) facing toward your head. You can place the magnets directly on the skin or hold them a slight distance away if that is more comfortable. In addition, as suggested, you can place a magnet under your pillow at night.
Use two of the magnets under your feet, (using either Method #1 or #2 described above), while working at the computer. This will keep your body strong and will help counteract the electro-stress caused by the EMF radiation from the computer and other electronic equipment
While driving long distances, you may place one of the magnets under your left foot, without your shoe on, to keep the body vitalized and more awake. You may also put one or two of the magnets behind your back, Negative Polarity (Black Side) toward the body. This will greatly reduce stress and discomfort while driving. 6) When traveling on planes, considering packing up one or two of the lighter ½" thick magnets to take with you. When you get to your destination, use the Biomagnetic Therapy Protocol to revitalize your body and alleviate jet lag.
To vitalize the body when you wake up in the morning, use the Positive Polarity (Red Side) of the magnets, holding them against your back in the area of the adrenal glands at the top of the kidneys. Use this technique for only a few minutes to naturally stimulate and energize the body and mind. The Positive Polarity (Red Side) of the magnet should be used with caution as it is stimulating and can produce a stress reaction if used improperly. The Negative/BioNorth Polarity (Green Side) of the magnet is always safe to use, being calming, healing, and balancing.