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Skin Rejuvenation 

Balance your PH
Lip Augmentation
Dermal Fillers
Botox cosmetics 
Platelet-Rich Plasma

Slim Shots
Microneedling-Collagen Induction

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Bio-magentic Therapy

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Skin Care

Venus legacy

B12 Shots

Acne Scars Corrections


Dr John Ferrell, M.D. He specializes in Regenerative Medicine and also provides services as:

  • Botox

  • Dermal Fillers

  • PRP Injections

  • Weight Lost 

  • Nutricional IV's

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Male/Female

  • Intimacy Enhancements 

Dr John Ferrell, M.D He has a way of making you feel great even before he has done anything. He is modest, honest, and friendly.”  

The Skin Alternative Med is a full service Med Spa is operating under the Consulting Physician Dr. John Carl Ferrell  Physician, MD  We employee  licensed  Professional Medical Assistants , Estheticians, and Esthetic Laser Technicians. For years, our team has improved its quality of care, expanded its knowledge on the most advanced procedures, and ensured the highest standard of safety. We are very passionate about health and beauty and building lasting relationships with our clients.


She is fully trained in injectable, Certified as a Medical Aesthetics and Bio-magnetic Therapist. Lucy has always been involved with and practiced the natural, alternative ways of healing herself and her family at home, as well as in helping her patients.

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