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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy:

The road to wellness begins here!
If you are not yet familiar with Biomagnetic Pair therapy, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to find out more. The revolutionary technique of balancing our internal pH using distinct sets of magnetic points will surely become the standard of practice of healing and wellness in the near future. This concept was discovered and developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, a Mexican medical doctor and holistic therapist, who focuses primarily in energy-based disciplines.

Biomagnetic medicine is a diagnostic - therapeutic procedure.

The positive biomagnetic pole is formed by the presence of hydrogen ions, H+, and/or pathogenic viruses.

The negative biomagnetic pole is formed by the presence of free radicals and/or pathogenic bacteria.

The poles are vibrational and energetic resonances.

The poles are depolarized by magnetic induction of fields greater than 1000 Gauss.

The biomagnetic depolarization obeys the universal law of charges. Biomagnetic induction is instantaneous but the charge is exhausted in seconds.

The ideal magnetic fields for induction are in the order of 5,000 to 10,000 Gauss.

When the biomagnetic poles are impacted, the pathogenic viruses lose their genetic information and the bacteria loses its favorable alkaline medium for metabolism and reproduction.

Theoretically, only one impact is required to eradicate a Biomagnetic Pair and it does not reactivate again.

Negative biomagnetic poles are broad, while positive biomagnetic poles specific.
Biomagnetic poles have their specific opposing poles, but occasionally, a pole can support more than one contrary pole.

Positive biomagnetic poles are asymptomatic, that is, the patient does not present with any symptoms; they cannot be detected by conventional forms of diagnoses and, therefore, would not respond to medication. 

Negative biomagnetic poles are symptomatic and respond to medicinal treatments.

The normal energetic level (NEL) cannot generate pathogenic micro organisms, but they can manifest by themselves and by their metabolites.
Natural permanent magnets of medium intensity are non-toxic and cannot damage the organs or tissues when they are applied in pairs. The magnets focus energy on the pathogens, but do not alter cellular metabolism or tissue entropy. That is, the magnet
s can only give order to a disordered system but not the other way around.

Hydrogen bridges cannot be broken by magnetism, however they can be broken by electricity, heat and radiation.

Questions and Answers
Q:  What is Biomagnetic Pair not able to treat?
A:  The magnets are not able to regenerate dead tissue. In other words, once necrosis of tissue or nerves has set in and there has been substantial damage to that body part, it is not possible for the magnets to regenerate it. Torn tissue may heal faster with magnets, however the initial tear must be cast before applying magnets. In the case of broken bones, again, the fracture must be cast in order for the repair process to begin.  For these cases, one is urged to seek medical treatment first.

Q:  Who is not eligible to receive treatment:
A: Anyone may have this treatment, except those who have had or plan to have chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  The reason for this is that these forms of treatments are highly toxic and may interfere with organs normal function and cause harm or death. Patients who have had blood transfusions or organ transplants may be treated, however, because of the foreign tissue in their bodies, it is possible that scanning and detecting dysfunctions may be confused. Foreign tissue brings into the body genetic information that belongs to someone else, therefore, the therapist may have difficulty communicating with the patient's original cells.

Q:  Can Biomagnetic Pair help with emotional or psychological problems?
A:  Yes. There are various ways in which emotional and psychological dysfunctions are relieved. When a microorganism, such as a virus, bacteria, or parasite, causes a dysfunction in the endocrine system or the central nervous system, which regulate hormones involved in mood, sleep, sweat, hunger, pain reception, and other functions--the glands are not able to process those hormones properly.  Some of these hormones include Acetylcholine, Serotonin, and Epinephrine, which act as an adrenaline regulator, an anti-depressant, and emotion regulator respectively.  Once the pathogen has been eliminated and the glands return to their normal function, the hormone processes are restored and emotional and or psychological problems are either reduced significantly, or disappear.

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